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Hi my name is Rob Zylowski. I am a senior architect at Citrix Consulting Services where I concentrate in the technologies used to deliver Citrix Apps and Desktops. I have worked at Unidesk/Citrix now for over 8 years and its a great place to work. I have worked in many capacities within IT and IT consulting most often in infrastructure. As you can see from my picture I am very experienced i.e. old :) and even though I consider myself an infrastructure expert, I have always been interested in programming and scripting. I personally think that if you are any type of IT administrator you must be able to develop scripts in order to manage your environment. I am often surprised when I meet Admins that do not try to build up scripting as part of their skill set. That is true for any type of Admin whether you work in file services, messaging, web administration, database and especially desktop administration. So I was thinking about a winter project to have some fun after football and baseball season and I hadn't created a web site or done a development project in a while, and i was thinking that I could use some personal branding and it would be fun to create a web site dedicated to managing virtual desktop infrastructures and I came up with the idea for this site.

 I created the site from scratch in ASP.NET. If you have any recommendations on features or functions please let me know I might be able to change or enhance how the site works and that is one of the reasons I have created the site. Just email me at

My Background

After graduate school (I have an MBA from the University of Rochester Graduate School of Management) I took a job for a manufacturing company called Varityper. It was a great first place for me to work. I actually started in logistics but within 6 months I moved over to IT and managed the desktop computing, file services type of things and also the manufacturing system. It was great because I got to work doing lots of interesting things for the company. It kind of sucked though that the company was decimated when the Macintosh was created and pretty much took about 4 years to go out of business. That said this is where I got my start in departmental app development doing clipper type applications, networking both with the first version of Netwware, the precurser to LanManager and of all things apple networking with Farallon products. I also worked wiht the earliest version of PC mail and scheuling software.

I left Varityper after 4 years and moved over to a Pharmaceutical Company called Anaquest which was a division of Ohmeda which was a division of BOC Gases. The main difference at Anaquest was that they were very profitable so it was easier to buy products. Here I worked with Netware, Windows, cc:Mail and a host of client productivity apps. I did alot of networking because BOC had an incredibly large switched network with about 250 locations worldwide. This was before routing and TCPIP, then while I was there we installed our first routers and moved to IP. I also became a messaging expert while at BOC because we had about 40,000 mail users and I brought in the first PC based mail system. We started with cc:Mail, then my mentor Bob MacTaggart made me switch to MS:Mail and we ended rolling that out to all US employees and since I knew the most about PC mail, it became my project along with the integration of an Enterprise mail gateway ( this was pre SMTP) to allow all our mail systems to talk to each other. Near the end of my time at Anaquest/Ohmeda where I eventually became the "Network Manager" for my division and our parent company, a good friend of mine, Mitch Northcutt went into independent infrastructure consulting.

After my boss left Anaquest I decided to move into consulting and to work with Mitch. We would then work together in 3 different companies over the next 15 years. The companies were The Registry which became Renaissance Worldwide, RapidApp a small boutique owned and run by Mitch, Glenn Hampton and Rob Koury, and Glasshouse who RapidApp sold out to in 2007. Mitch was fantastic to work for and with and we did lots of interesting projects over the years. He really made me into a consultant. We developed some incredible methodologies based on JAD/RAD concepts with a mix of design and planning centered on rapidly deploying new technologies. The work varied greatly with the main vein being that it was infrastructure. The type of projects I worked on included:

  • Network and Systems Management
  • Network Infrastructure Design
  • File Services Design
  • Messaging and Messaging Design
  • Standard Desktop Design
  • SMS and Desktop Management
  • Infrastructure Management and Process Design

Then in maybe 2002 Ron Oglesby joined us at RapidApp. We did lots of Citrix work and we were looking for great guys as always and Ron came along as the best of them all. Ron and I then worked on maybe a hundred projects together over the next say 7 years. We did lots and lots of Citrix, a pretty large number of Active Directory Designs and migrations amongst other things, then in 2003 we pretty much switched RapidApp over to solely work on server virtualization. Mitch pushed us to get all of our engineers VMware certified and had a great run working for many Fortune companies to help them design and deploy server virtualization. At Glasshouse we did more of the same for a couple of years then the team kinda broke up. Ron went to Dell, Mitch left. I was working as a services director for virtualization as well as managing our Intellectual Property in terms of Methodology development and in house software. It was interesting work. There was less server virtualization work and VDI was just starting to heat up.

Then Mitch, Rob Kory, Mike Hogan and I decided to start a new consulting company named Ouray Technology Partners. After a promising start working on VDI and service management we decided to close the company and I went to work for Unidesk where Ron was working. Unidesk has been very interesting for me because its the first time I have worked outside either IT or IT consulting. I really like working with all the groups in the organization which include Sales, Marketing and Development.

My Family

I have a great family. I have been married almost 30 years to my wife Lorna. I have two great kids, Zoe who is 22 and Max who is 20. They do very well in school and the arts, Max is a great musician studying at Rutgers to become a nusrse, Zoe is an accomplished painter, check out Zoe's Art who attends Rutgers University double majoring in Art Hostory and Public Policy.

My Hobbies

I have always loved to play soccer but now that I am old my muscles don't do well with that anymore.  I recently decided to take up wood carving and I really have been getting into that.

This was My very first effort.  A Flower using a pine board I had laying around.

My next carving was a simple bird.  But as you can see it turned out to be somewhere between a chicken, turkey and duck.

Next I saw a cool youtube video of a guy doing a wood spirit (Wood Spirit on Youtube) so I tried to copy him.  Note the realistic blood gash on his head.  I will say that until I got a thumb guard and kevlar gloves my hands were taking a beating.

That inspired me to do many other wood sprites and head carvings and a rose for my wife.

When I was buying wood I ordered some nice tiger eye maple which I eventually want to make into a cuckoo clock.  I decided to try making a window with ivy that was sort of 3D inspired by a couple old woodshop projects my kids made in high school.  Shown here up close and for size hanging on the wall.  This was pretty hard becasue maple is very hard wood.

Then I decided to make some pendants for my family.  My son has a cool whale tattoo so I made him a whale, my daughter was always into giraffes and my wife birds.  I had this cool wood called red heart.  I like how they came out.  Finishing with shellac worked well.

I like the jewelry idea so I will probably spend more time on that.

New piece I started over the holidays.  I decided to use some stain for the first time.  This is on basswood so almost no grain which I dont like as much.  But it was fun to make.