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Virtual Desktop is the place for discussions about Virtual Desktop Management by and for Architects and Engineers. I created it several years ago to discuss advanced topics in desktop management and to provide ways to perform these tasks using scripts, GPO's and industry applications. The web site is a hobby for me and I have created it in .net from scratch. If you have recommendations or feedback let me know via my personal email

New Free Backup Utility

My winter project for 2013 and 2014 (took me a while) was to create a free backup utlity that folks with labs can use to backup their VMware ESX virtual machines. The utility can be used with or without vCenter. If using vCenter it will clone VMs to a backup folder and datastore. If not using vCenter it will copy all the VMs files to a folder then add a new VM into inventory so it will look just like a cloned VM.   The utility is written in vbscript implemented as an HTA along with PowerShell, and PowerCLI to do the actual work.

I wrote this for my lab because the VCP Veeam license was not sufficient for me becasue I have three hosts. Also for a small lab this is easier to live with.

I would like to thank LucD  for all the help his incredible PowerCLI examples have provided me over the last few years.  I feel that he more than any other resource has helped me learn advanced PowerCLI.

To Download the utility see the scripts section fo the website.  Email me with feedback or requests.  I hope you enjoy it.